Networking Karma = Mentors + Advocates

I’m consider myself lucky that my best pal is my father - the reason I am in the market. Not just that, he is also a brilliant insurance businessman and mentor. Oh, and in spite of his dedication and long hours, he managed never to miss a Sunday league game in my youth.

It's with this benchmark in mind that I drive my ambitions forward. I’m often looking for ways to help people, even if they don’t ask for it. I dream in my day job to enjoy my weekends. I think that if we focus on positive output, maybe we'll get a pleasant surprise one day. It's better than being a pessimist, right?


Ted York 'The Old Block'
Ted York
'The Old Block'

Ted founded & exited multiple businesses and was one of the few entrepreneurs to make sustained success in the dotcom bubble. Still teaches me to this day. Now an author, he spins a good yarn.

Andy Hawkes 'Mr Contacts'
Andy Hawkes
'Mr Contacts'

Andy is one of the most progressive businessmen I know - with interests across virtually every pillar of the insurance market. There are few people in our wonderful industry that he doesn’t know - he’s a born networker.

Nick Burkinshaw 'The Pen'
Nick Burkinshaw
'The Pen'

Nick was my first boss. And remains a trusted ear over a cup of tea to this day. He’s in possession of vast underwriting CV & knows the market inside out. He was also a shining example of a good people-manager.


Paul Dyer Non-Exec Director at MVP.
Paul Dyer
Non-Exec Director at MVP.

Paul is a well-regarded insurance professional with a broad range of experience. It was, in fact, his suggestion that I begin to offer my own knowledge to other businesses in the sector. Never one to turn down sage advice, I'll be sure to check I am realising his vision as I progress.

Ant Middle Head of Partnerships, Ageas
Ant Middle
Head of Partnerships, Ageas

In my opinion, Ant is an example of the level the new generation of insurance leaders need to be at. He's open minded, tech-focused, candid and forward-thinking. I look forward to seeing the results of his plans and their potential over the next couple cycles.

Rory Sutherland Behavioral Economist, Author, Guru
Rory Sutherland
Behavioral Economist, Author, Guru

Rory and I speak a couple times a year, he's my strategic muse. His thoughts on consumerism, product, selling and mindset are nothing short of inspiring. When it comes to insurance, he's my best hope to cracking the "utility problem".