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I'm happy to speak to you at no cost, anytime I am available. Drop me a line. That said, an investment in my expertise is truly value for money - I could save you money, share personal experience and mistakes as well as open-up new opportunities for you.

Why? There are heaps of digital experts out there. How about a digital maverick that’s also an FCA accredited insurance broker - Look no further.

Whether you’ve been burnt, confused or baffled by digital - I can help you. I'd prefer to speak, meet and listen before I try and help. We both know this business is about relationships, first and foremost.

A beautiful field outside Dover. It reminds me that every year, new crops must grow to keep society moving. Without new ideas, innovations and risk-takers, business would choke & die.

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'Pulse' Package

Consultancy for Insurance Carriers, MGAs, Coverholders

You are the foundations of the market. Without your capital, experience and bold nature, risk would go unchallenged. I can help you communicate, maximise and explore those virtues through digital strategy + tactics.

  • Content Strategy
  • Digital Insight
  • Consumer Tooling + App Conception
  • Lab + Project Management
  • Lean Innovation
  • Workshops and Networking Events

Consultancy from:
Price on request

'Slingshot' Package

Brokers, Retailers, ARs, Networks

Selling & innovating is so very tough, I understand. That’s why digital tools are so important, especially in this competitive and fluid, regulatory environment. I can help hone your views, knowledge and procurement of digital tools + services.

  • Digital "Playbook" Audit / Triage
  • Product Management
  • Optimisation of existing digital assets
  • Project Enabling + Management
  • Content + Innovation Strategy
  • Editorial Services

Consultancy from:
Price on Request

Single-Item Baskets

Insurance Market Stakeholders:

If you have a digital problem, or simply would like help on particular future digital focus, let me know. I can help with specifics, as well as broad needs.

  • Strategic + Tactical Troubleshooting
  • Speaking + Motivation
  • Blog, Vlogs + Podcasts
  • Business Development
  • Networking
  • Other {Any Package Item}

Consultancy from:
Price on request

'Gravity' Package

Non-Insurance Folk

If you have a successful business, or a ton of customers you'd like to give more choice to, why not consider affinity? Insurance is an excellent and relevant product for many businesses to consider selling - it needn't just be for "big business" to offer their shoppers.

  • Affinity Feasibility
  • Product Sourcing
  • Project Management
  • Service Management

Consultancy from:
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